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Why Choose A Rubbermaid Storage Shed?

With a long and deep history of helping the average homeowner take care of storage needs, Rubbermaid has gained a reputation of being at the top of their field. From bins to bowls, most everyone has the company's seal somewhere in their home. The company keeps clutter contained and homes organized. It should come as no surprise, then, that they also make a Rubbermaid storage shed to handle your outdoor mess as well.

Rubbermaid Storage Shed

There are several popular models of the Rubbermaid storage shed. One of the most commonly seen is the horizontal storage shed. This model has a front swinging door and will accommodate shelving for tools, supplies and other items. There are even hooks and notches on the door for hanging space. You can purchase a slide lid storage that opens from the top. This vertical design is ideal for things like garden hoses and bags of fertilizers. The small shed can also house and camouflage garbage cans and other unsightly items.

Like most vinyl, plastic and duramax type sheds, a Rubbermaid storage shed is usually shipped in parts and pieces. These storage shed kits are easy to put together and most often just need to be slid or snapped into the full sized product. If you purchase at a hardware store, you may be able to drive one home already assembled, but if not, it is an extremely simple task. Just be sure to follow the directions carefully to make sure that all pieces are placed in the proper corresponding part. This is similar to how a metal storage shed is assembled, but the end product is more durable.

Many plastic storage sheds can be finished in a variety of ways. You can, of course, leave them as is. However, if you prefer the look of wood, most plastic sheds take paint and can be finished to mimic a more natural look. Of course, if you really want your shed to blend in, it's not difficult to build your own with storage shed plans. If you want an immediate storage option, however, and can compromise on the look, Rubbermaid sheds can provide immediate storage space at a reasonable cost.

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Wood Storage Sheds Are Versatile and Beautiful Too

By Florin Ciobanu
Many people aren't overly keen on the idea of putting a storage shed in their backyards because they're afraid the shed will end up looking junky and unflattering in their yard. And this can happen if you choose the wrong type of storage shed for your house and yard design.

Time to Start Organizing Your Wooden Sheds

By Donald Rickerby
Not long ago, I started my search for a certain saw that I needed. I had a general idea of where it was - kind of. It was somewhere out in my wooden shed. I've been slowly and steadily storing too many thing for my shed to hold over the past year and now its time to reorganize.

The Pros and Cons of Metal Garden Sheds

By Gavin Evans
If you are considering the purchase of a new shed, you may be wondering what material is the most suitable for its construction. Here we will point out some of the advantages and disadvantages of metal garden sheds.

Heartland Pre Fab Sheds - One of the Best Decisions You Will Ever Make

By Fay Salmons
Pre fab sheds are one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to have your own storage buildings. Well, you could always build your own storage sheds, but that is if you're ready to devote plenty of your time on the project. If not, you're better off with pre fab sheds - you can even put in other accessories to increase its functionality and visual appearance.

Plans For Sheds - DIY

By Vicky L
As a homeowner, it can be challenging to keep your yard tidy and organized, especially when you need to keep a certain amount of tools on hand to complete projects around your home, such as cutting the grass. This is when a shed in your yard can be a great solution. Plans for sheds are widely available online and very simple to download and use.